Mahoning Valley Paranormal Society

MVPS is a family based group that has interest in the paranormal.  We research claims of ghosts and haunts, then perform our investigation.  Equipment used includes cameras, video cameras, Digital Voice Recorders, Electro Magnetic Field Detectors and such.  We've been to known haunted locations, such as the Mansfield Reformatory, Moundsville Prison and Prospect Place and also lesser known places and residences with claims.  Because we've been doing this since the summer of 2006, we've decided it's time to give ourselves a name.  Now known officially as the Mahoning Valley Paranormal Society,  we'd like to expand ourselves and begin assisting people who just don't know where to turn with their claims.  If a place is haunted, we'll perform the investigation and provide our findings for review.  There is no charge for our services, as we take much pleasure in what we do.  We're just here to help! Contact us at

Our Mission is to research and investigate claims of paranormal activity.  We are a group that is dedicated to finding and documenting evidence of unexplained phenomenon.  With such proof, the study of parapsychology could become mainsteam.  We strive to make the unknown, known.
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