Lanterman's Mill


Lanterman’s Mill, located in Mill Creek Park in Youngstown, Ohio, is said to have several spirits that remain within.  Upon entering the mill, you are instantly transported to another era.  You can feel the history surrounding you at this historic site.

The land was originally owned by Youngstown’s founder, John Young.  Two of Young’s surveyors, Isaac Powers and Phineas Hill, initially discovered the potential for this mill upon finding the falls in 1797.  Phineas offered to purchase this land.  John Young agreed, provided that a mill be constructed within 18 months of purchase.  The mill operated between 1799 and 1822.

In 1823 a second mill replaced the original mill.  It was built by Eli Baldwin, and only functioned as a gristmill, until it was washed away by a flood in 1843.

The mill that stands today was constructed by German Lanterman and his brother in law.  The mill successfully ran from 1846-1888.  It stood vacant until it was purchased from the park in 1892.  It served a number of functions through the years, and people today may visit it as a museum. 

Our visit was to learn more about the legends and spirits that supposedly still haunt this location.  Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and animated about the stories.  We were told about the worker in period clothing that continues to work in the basement area.  We were also informed about the woman who has been seen looking in the windows.  Supposedly, she worked at the mill when her fiancé` left for the civil war.  Upon waiting for his safe return, she watched as a soldier came across the bridge with news for her.  Her fiancé` would not be returning.  He died at war.  Some wonder if the face etched into the wood panel could be hers.  It simply just appeared one night.

We strategically placed our equipment, and set out to capture evidence.  We did not have any spikes on any of our EMF detectors or K2 meter.  After reviewing hours of video, digital voice recording and tons of photos, we were unable to find anything.  No team members reported any strange happenings, but a WYTV crew member claims to have heard some strange noises.  Even though we were unable to capture anything that would deem this location “haunted”, we still had a great time.  It was such a neat place to visit! You can find more on their website by visiting 

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