Prospect Place

Prospect Place, an old mansion located in Trinway, Ohio, is a location that is known to be haunted.  The mansion was built in 1856 by George Adams, and it was used as a stop on the underground railroad.  There is an interesting history to this house, which can be found at
One interesting fact about the mansion is that one of the rooms in the servant's quarters is painted haint blue.  It is the original paint that was on the walls. According to Appalachian Tradition, painting a door haint blue is supposed to keep evil spirits from entering.  Isn't it strange that the entire room was painted this color? We spent sufficient time in this room recording, taking photos and doing EVP work.  We were hearing some strange noises, that were repeated upon request.  As if that wasn't strange enour ough, see the photo at the top right.
A few of investigators were in the barn, where the bounty hunters searching for escaped slaves were hung.  Michael, one of our founders, was doing work with his EMF detector.  He asked if there was a presence, could they spike his detector.  Sure enough, it spiked to the top 2 times.  To ensure this was not just a fluke, he asked for this to happen again.  Sure enough, it did the same.  We also captured an eeire voice on one of our digital recorders.  It simply said, "Tickets".  We figured this voice may be connected with the train wreck that occurred.  Because the nearby hospital could not accommodate the critically burned victims, they housed them at the basement in Prospect Place until they could be transferred.  Several died.  The bottom right picture was taken in front of the barn.
We've determined that this location could be haunted.  It doesn't have a threatening feel being there, but the evidence does seem to be there. 
*****  Update *****  TAPS made a visit to this location in early 2008, over a year after our visit.  We found it very interesting that they captured the same shadow in the same location in the barn.  They were as mystified by this as we were, and they included this with their "findings" presentation.  We're certain that this photo is an abnormal shadow.  We have photos from all angles, and there is not a physical item or a person on the other side.  The window is blocked off from the inside for safety reasons.


The house looks unchanged from it's original state.  The house has been brought back to the family, and the current owner is working to restore it on the inside, as it originally was.  The details throughout are beautiful.



The photo on the left is a picture of the front of the barn.  It has been cropped, but it is the original photo.  Though it is difficult to see on a computer screen, you can see a shadow in the window.  The photo on the right has had the contrast, coloring and exposure adjusted to see that the shadow has some substance.



The photo on the left shows the area in the barn where the bounty hunter was supposedly hung.  In search of slaves, he got more than he bargained for.....The photo on the right shows the upstairs of the inside of the barn.



The first photos is the reception hall.  The mansion itself is fairly large.  There are gentleman's parlors, dining room, living room, slaves' quarters, numerous bedrooms, etc.  The slaves quarters left us with an uneasy feeling.  This is an area to spend time in.  The picture on the right is where a girl supposedly fell rom in a feverish state.


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