Beaver Creek State Park


Once upon a time, the now “ghost town” of Sprucevale was thriving on the canal.  After a massive reservoir break and the rise of the railroad system, the canal was not repairable.  The town was abandoned by 1870.  It is now within Beaver Creek State Park, which holds several legends.  We went in search of Ester Hale, the forlorn bride-to-be on the Little Beaver Creek Bridge.

In August of 1837, a bride gleefully prepared for her wedding day.  Her name was Ester Hale.  She waited and waited, but her groom never arrived.  She remained in her wedding dress and refused to leave her cabin.  The decorations were left on display.  Her absolute devastation pushed her to starvation and eventual insanity.  Friends continued to check on her, but she remained in this ghastly state.  Several months later, a passerby noticed her door ajar.  Police discovered her decaying body, still wearing her dress and veil.

Today, people claim to see apparitions of this hideous bride that haunts the bridge and nearby mill in hopes that her groom has returned.  Some claim that she tries to steal your youth so she may become young and beautiful again.

We ventured to this bridge one evening.  It seemed an ideal night, as it was a full moon and exceptionally foggy.  It made the atmosphere seem so mysterious.  We waited for the bride, but she did not make an appearance.  This particular legend was a disappointment for us.  Maybe because it wasn’t on her would-be anniversary of August 12, 1838……….

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