WV State Penitentiary

West Virginia State Penitentiary, located in Moundsville, WV, is most definitely a creepy location.  It has a dark history that has left its mark on the walls.  There were countless deaths from the numerous shankings, riots and executions.  Of the 94 executions, 85 of these were hangings, while the others were with the more modern electric chair, which was built by a prisoner! See the famous Wagon Gate photo on our homepage.  This is where the hangings were performed.
If you go exploring here, call for R.D.Walls in the solitary confinement area.  He was shanked for being a snitch by six men in this basement.  We didn’t pick up anything with EVP, but we did catch the infamous shadow man on video here.  It will send chills up your spine, if I could just get it lightened enough for the computer screen.  It’s plain as day on a 32” TV!
The Sugarshack was the rec area for prisoners.  It’s painted very cheerful, but has a very stuffy feeling when you enter.  We caught several strange flashes of light on camera that we did not see while we were sitting there and heard sounds we could not identify.
The infirmary is by far the most disturbing area of the prison.  We caught no hard core evidence here, but the feelings each of us had here was undeniable.  There is the constant feeling that something is right behind you.  We heard footsteps but couldn’t document them.
The cell areas were eerie, especially when you think about 3 men being locked up in each 5’x7’ cell.  The prison was ultimately closed because the State of WV deemed this cruel and unusual punishment.
With it’s violent past and rumored satanic warden, this location certainly has qualifications to make for a haunting.  We’ve deemed it so….. 
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