Mansfield Reformatory

Anyone researching haunted places in Ohio has certainly come across the Mansfield Reformatory.  This location was built between 1886-1910 and remained operational until 1972.  Its massive size is the largest free standing cell block in the world at six tiers high.  The architect designed the structure to reflect German castles and churches and had the intention of having a “spiritual and uplifting architecture”, which may assist in rehabilitation for the inmates.  Whatever his intention may have been, it has been suggested that the architecture of the prison itself draws focus to paranormal energies into the prison. The tops of all of the prison towers are pyramid shaped, and they each point toward the large central pyramid tower that spirals down into the heart of the Reformatory.  Is this coincidental?
The Reformatory’s original purpose was to house first time offenders who may possibly be reformed.  Instead, it hosts a violent history which includes riots, suicides, murders and death.  Many died from various illnesses, which also included TB.  Over 200 deaths occurred within these prison walls. Conditions became so deplorable that the prison finally shut down in 1990.  You can sense the anguish and despair throughout. 
Visitors have a wide array experiences when exploring through this enormous place.  Our investigators had personal experiences, such as being touched, recording temperature drops and smelling unidentifiable odors.  Anyone who ventures through the cells, chapel and definitely the “hole” are certain to feel the residue of the past.  We were unable to document proof from this investigation.  However, because several of our investigators had personal experiences, we’ve decided that this location is likely haunted.  We will most certainly revisit!
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 The building is so beautiful on the outside.......and so creepy on the inside.......



The first picture is the hallway that leads to the warden's quarters upstairs.  We captured an EVP of a young child on a return visit here.  We were leaving the area to visit the chapel, pictured alongside, and the voice clearly said, "Stay."



Above are pictures of a standard cell 2 inmates would share.  Can you seriously imagine?



You cannot capture the essence of how truly large this location is.  It's overwhelming to look up

at all the cells.



Lots of walking......




"The chair room" is said to have activity.  The chair was constructed by an inmate, and it said to move.  That didn't happen for us.


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